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Kornock Flowtrail

Open from 3rd July 2021!

The panorama on this varied flow trail is really something special. Insights and views of the Styrian and Carinthian Nockberge mountains and the blue, turquoise, grey or green glittering Turracher See alternate with each other. The trail surface, which changes several times during the course of the trail, provides interesting insights into the locally different rock and soil conditions.

Description: At first, the trail is about 1km long and leads down the Kornockpiste on lower riparian slopes and an 80 to 120cm wide trail to the Schafalmbahn mountain station. For those who are not yet technically proficient, the bike guides should first practice the correct trail technique in the valley.

Shortly below the Schafalmbahn, the roller coaster ride starts over rolling or jumping waves, fun residential curves, footbridges, bridges and a small curve carousel. Shortly before the Almstube you have to pedal uphill for a short time. Again and again there are resting places with great views. We wish you lots of fun!

Length: approx. 6.0 km
Vertical meters: 350 hm
Average gradient: 10 to 11% in the first third; 6 to 8% in the remaining part.
Difficulty: easy (blue) with key points for beginners in the summit area and in the middle section of the trail above the Almstube. The section below the Almstube was kept easy to very easy.

Ground: Built as close to nature as possible with local earth and stones. Only where necessary due to wet spots, nature conservation or bog crossings, imported material and footbridges mixed with natural material are used.

Trail Rules 

  • Always bring helm , knee and elbow pad with you
  • Ride only with a technically perfect MTB or e-MTB
  • Cycling uphill or hiking on the trails is forbidden
  • Using the trails is only permittedduring the cable car operating hours
  • Use only the marked trails. Is prohibited to rideon „not bike routes“
  • Respect the prohibition signs and notethe signs
  • Follow the instructions of the cable car and route staff
  • Adapt the duration/lenght of the track according to the meteorological condition
  • Pay attention to other persons when entering and exiting on shared paths and intersections
  • Control the speed so that you can stop at any time
  • Respect the trails, other interests, users and nature! Expect wild and domestic animals on the trails

Driving on the trails is at your own risk. No liability is accepted for accidents or damage to the bike or the equipment. The StVO must be observed when driving on public roads.