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The ski resort Turracher Höhe, located at the border between Carinthia and Styria offers a number of different lift ticket options.

A total of 13 cash-desks (Kornockbahn 6, Turrachbahn 1, Zirbenwaldbahn 1, Panoramabahn 2, Übungswiese 2, Sonnenbahn 1 with options to pay in cash, with EC-card, VISA or Mastercard) offer the following lift tickets:

Season passes - single tickets 2019/2020

until 21.12.2020
Regular tariff starting
from 22.12.2020
and ski clubs
Adults 503,00 578,00 458,00 438,00
Youths 421,00 484,00 383,00 366,00
Students 421,00 484,00 383,00 366,00
Children 225,00 290,00 229,00 219,00
Senior citizens 468,00 538,00 426,00 407,00

CORONA refund guarantee

If the Turracher Höhe season ticket holder is permanently unable to use the season ticket due to a Corona pandemic, he is entitled to a usage-dependent refund.

This is calculated from the paid ticket price minus the following amounts per day entry:

adult:      € 38,00
Youth:     € 32,00
Children: € 19,00
Seniors:   € 36,00

The season ticket user is entitled to a refund in the event of pandemic-related permanent restrictions on the use of the card if one of the following cases occurs between 24.12.2020 and 05.04.2021

At the customer's place of residence, a pandemic-related lockdown is demonstrably prescribed for more than 14 days.

  • The lifts will be closed by the authorities for more than 14 days continuously due to a pandemic
  • The borders between the place of residence and the Turracher Höhe are closed for more than 14 days
  • An arrival and departure of the guest to or from the Turracher Höhe location is strongly affected by a travel warning of the highest level for more than 14 days.

The entitlement to pandemic-related refunds for the above-mentioned reasons begins with the date of purchase of the Turracher Höhe season ticket, but not before 24.12.2020. Refunds will be made from 12.04.2021!

Age limits
Children 06 - 14 years of age (2005-2013)
Teenagers 15 - 18 years of age (2001-2004)
Adults 19 - 64 years of age (1955-2000)
Senior citizens from 65 years of age 
 Students till 25 years of age

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