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See the mountain lakes

The mountain lakes are what make the Turracher Höhe so brilliant and special. The largest of the three lakes is the Turracher See at 1,763 meters above sea level with an area of 18.3 hectares and up to 33 meters deep.

Only 300 meters east of the Turracher See and almost 200 meters further up at 1,841 meters above sea level is the Schwarzsee. This lake is bounded in the north and south by peat bogs. The peaty soil makes it dark, as the name suggests.

About one kilometer southeast of the Turracher Höhe is the Grünsee, the smallest and most charming of the three lakes. It is only half a hectare in area but up to 12 meters deep. The slopes around the lake are covered with larch and stone pine to create a wonderful little gem.