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Alm Butler

Specially guided "Turracher Höhe style" hikes. Full of surprises, highly informative and truly entertaining.

From June to October guests at Turracher Höhe are enjoying special hikes with the Alm Butler.

During guided “Butler” hikes, he pays particular attention to the guests’ needs. At “Butler” stations he helps with support and advice, provides refreshments, sun screen and relaxation loungers etc.

The Alm Butler program

Those who choose to stay in one of the 18 Butler accomodatins receive an exclusive VIP service with the Butler car: Free rides with the Nocky Flitzer (daily from 10 – 11.30 a.m.), free use of the Turracher Höhe funicular railways  and a variety of other benefits in partner businesses.

Alm Butler businesses are identified with a bow tie and provide their guests with an array of inclusive features. In short, the Alm-Butler is the “heart and soul” of Turracher Höhe pampering visitors with a series of benefits you won’t find in any other holiday region.

For further details concerning the Alm Butler program and businesses go to: www.almbutler.at