Biking the Mountains

Mountain biking at its best

Be prepared: mountain biking at Turracher Höhe can trigger an explosion of feel-good hormones! Panoramic routes over lush alpine pastures and wide forest paths, various summit conquers in just one day and the mild summer brise as a pleasant companion promise an unforgettable bike experience on two wheels!

Turracher Höhe is a haven for pleasure bikers. Officially approved mtb and e-mtb trails wind across meadows and stone pine forests through the incredible landscape of the Carinthian Nockberge. Without any remarkable steep climbs or descents of a challenging nature, the signposted trails don’t require any special bike handling skills. The Nockberge mountain world holds the perfect tour for every biker, whether you prefer a relaxed ride with electric tailwind or using pure muscle power.

ATTENTION: Please note that there are some sliding sections on the tours (approx. 600 m)!

Mountain Bike Routes

in the Nockberge

Right behavior

when mountain biking

  • Stay on the signposted paths and trails
  • Close barriers and pasture gates after the passage
  • Always ride considerately to foster a positive attitude between riders and hikers
  • Slow down when passing or crossing hikers
  • Respect nature and animals
  • Don't leave waste in nature
  • Avoid brake marks and noise
  • End tours before dawn

Ride only during opening hours

  • May until August: 1 hour after sunrise until 2 hours before sunset
  • From September 1, biking the trails is only allowed from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
  • The wild animals also need their rest. They forage at dusk and should not be startled. Therefore, respect that all trails may only be ridden during the operating hours agreed upon between owners,  nature conservation and hunting. Thank you.